Do you have a group or team you need to bring together in 2017?   Looking to build a program where you can train, reward and entertain?   

Holding the attention of everyone involved can be a challenge, especially if the main objective is business learning.  Gone are the days of the 8hr seclusive boardroom meetings.  Successful retreats and team building days include a variety of activities that provide opportunities for business content, socialization, down time, shared meals and unique experiences. 

SpendIng the time to develop creative options for a successful group event is essential to the planning process.  Looking at all of the options will help you decide upon the perfect plan for your specific needs and audience.  Remember that a unique and well developed plan will have your attendees retaining the important information, while sharing their fun experience with family, friends and colleagues.  It is always rewarding to see a team reliving their group adventures at the water cooler months down the line. 

Contacting a professional event planner to source and research all venues and options will help save you valuable time, while alleviating all event stress.  For help with event consultation, planning and management contact us today and we’ll help take your next great event Above the Beyond.  

Kristy Vassell