Recently successful businesses around the globe have expanded their typical team builidng repetoire to include something new.....Actual fun & engaging experiences!

Leaders are realizing that sometimes thinking outside of the box, happens best when outside of the boardroom.  Gone are the days of the humdrum conference room personality tests, determining your communication style.  

There are many unique team builidng experiences that can unite a new group, or strengthen even the strongest team.  It is easy to work together when involved in a new, fun activity.  Searching for clues in a city wide scavenger hunt, conquering the kitchen in a group cooking competition, or learning new skills on a full day cattle drive, helps to open the doors for genuine exchanges between colleagues.

Providing those carefree moments out of the office, can help build camaraderie amongst a team while enhancing their ability to find solutions together back in the workplace.  Click the video link provided to see a group actively engaged in a fun "Amazing Race" themed event. 

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Have a great Fall season,