So it is almost time to start planning your annual staff retreat and you can practically hear the
moans and groans coming from your team members. Just the words “team building” can send
some employees into the “oh great, now they expect us to be friends and participate”
mentality. How can this be?  You have spent endless hours trying to figure out how to get your
team to really connect and act like a united front; you would think they would appreciate a
little break from the everyday monotony of their positions, right?

Well the truth is when we tell others they will be working on building relationships, they
assume something is already broken, and they actually shut down a little more. No one wants
to be told how to interact with others, make friends and participate, especially when they are
adults just trying to make a living.  If only there was a way to engage the group without harping
on the communication and team building aspect.

Well, lucky for you, there is a better way!  When organizations focus more on recognizing and
truly rewarding their team, rather than forcing a feel good exercise or drill; the positivity and
camaraderie begin to flow freely. Choosing unique, and interactive excursions can encourage leadership abilities, communication, and peer support all while providing a great time for attendees.

Try planning a staff retreat were a portion of the event is focussed on guests having the
option to try something new, see some amazing sights, and just have some fun.
You will be amazed at the water cooler conversations that follow a retreat where team
members get to repel off a rock cliff, race through a bobsled course, create a fabulous meal or
even man a sailboat.

The engagement possibilities are truly limitless with customized programs available to suit any
type of workplace. Need help making it all come together? Contact me today to start planning
your next great staff retreat.

Have a great Spring, Kristy