Thinking of hosting a staff retreat to inform, thank and recognize your team members?            

Here are five tips for creating a memorable corporate experience that can truly maximize your return on event investment.  


1)  Invitations:  Distribute professional invitations with clear RSVP instructions and event highlights.  Remember to keep your attendees informed.

2)  Welcome Packages:  Create a unique and informative welcome package with detailed event itinerary.  This ensures attendees are aware of the event timeline.

3)  Facilitated Learning:  Plan the business aspect of your retreat.  This is a great opportunity to hold your AGM, host a relevant keynote speaker or training series.

4)  Play Time:  Book a fun excursion!  Possibly an activity that is a feature to the environment you are visiting.  This will have groups interacting in a relaxed situation.

5)  Enjoy a Fantastic Meal:  Develop a formal dinner program to close out the retreat.  Take this opportunity to provide top performers with awards and accolades.

*Bonus Tip:  Start planning early to ensure each element is well developed.


Need help bringing your next staff retreat together?                                                                      

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