Engaging Your Team this Year!

As we kick off the start of another new year, the key concerns of staff retention, engagement, and turnover, remain on the minds of many business leaders.  These leaders know that finding fresh, innovative solutions to retaining their key players, is essential for future success.

Strong organizations are the ones which recognize, that the people who are completing the required daily tasks; form the foundation of a successful company.  By reinvesting into their workplaces with professional development, team building, and recognition opportunities, leaders set the stage for growth.

Keeping your team members engaged doesn't need to be difficult. In fact, most employees say the small everyday gestures mean just as much as the larger incentives they may also receive.  Remembering and recognizing anniversaries, achievements, industry rankings, and milestones leaves team members feeling important and valued.  A well managed CRM tool and services, combined with a dynamic leader may increase productivity and efficiency within any setting.  

These simple program additions combined with a variety of strategically planned, well executed, custom experiences let your important company messages hold strong throughout the year.  

Enjoy connecting with your team,  Kristy 


5 Great Event Management Tips:

  • Identify the desired outcome you would like to achieve by hosting your event and determine the budget.      


  •  Plan, Design, & Customize your events starting by deciding the desired date and venue.  Next access an array of specialty venues, suppliers, and vendors whom you will need to bring all event aspects together.    


  • Complete the logistics of organizing your event by managing: all attendees, (RSVP's), presenters, suppliers, required permits, entertainment, caterers, additional insurance needs, venue contract negotiations, etc.  


  • Have a key event organizer who will be the eyes and ears throughout the event; running the flow of the day, ready to catch problems in their tracks and develop creative solutions on the fly.


  • Evaluate your event upon completion.  Develop an assessment tool to find out what your attendees and special guests thought of your program and look for areas in which to improve.